Queen of kings

     Most females misinterprete the idea of Feminism/equality. In real sense it might be different but most females get too concerned with fighting to be king, or trying to be the man of the house or the man of the hour or doing what a man can do better, what’s wrong with being the queen? The woman of the house? The woman of the day? You get so focus on trying to be a man that you blatantly ignore being the best version of a woman. Being a woman is about as hard as it gets and most men can’t do half of what y’all can do (well I know for a fact that I can’t carry a hot pot off the gas, how in the world do women do that๐Ÿ˜ฑ). You don’t need to try to be a man, there’s no reason a woman should tell another woman to “man up” There are alot of male sensitive phrases out there but you have no reason to subscribe to them, you don’t have to take on the role of a man to validate yourself as strong, resilient and independent. I hear alot of females adding “king” to their names like (king_Diana) or saying things like “I’m the man of the year”, is there anything wrong with (queen_Diana)? Why don’t you want to be the woman of the year? The world has revered men as strong and women as weak and you’re playing right into it, yet you say women are under-appreciated when even you don’t appreciate yourself enough. Women give birth to kings for crying out loud, its just like a tree saying its fruits are more significant than it is. Look at it this way, an Apple or an Apple tree which is more productive?? ( I feel like I just scolded myself). 

      I admire my mum alot, you will too if you get to know her, she raised my siblings and i alone and she didn’t merely do it, she did it with class and vigour, we lacked absolutely nothing growing up, she instinctively surpassed the role of father and mother in our lives, and all these time she never validated herself once by saying I’m king or I’m as manly as can be. I’ve been requesting she conducts an exclusive interview with me on “how to be a super woman” but she refutes, only thing she tells me is “there’s not a particular way to be the best female you can be, just be the W(inner), O(utstanding), M(agnificent), A(rticulate), N(atural) in the room”. I’m still pushing to get that interview with her though lol.

   Certain things are the way they are for a reason and Personally, I think it’s hard enough to be a woman, why try to add the roles of a man for validation. Did you know that the queen (โ™•,โ™›) is the most powerful piece in the game of chess, being able to move any number of squares vertically, horizontally or diagonally. That goes to say alot in real sense, among which is “you have the power to do absolutely anything”!!

    My little sister plays basketball (she was team captain in high school), sometimes when she makes a nice shot over me she boasts by saying stuff like I’m the king of basketball, no guy can mess with me when I’m with the ball, I’m king and the court is my kingdom! (Geez, so much noise for just one lucky shot). But I tell her, how bout being the queen of basketball? Will that make you any less better than you are? matter of fact, if you claim to be a queen and you defeat men in basketball doesn’t that prove a point in favour of the female gender? (She says yes bro, you have a point! But I’M STILL KING!) I guess that’s how deep the stereotype belief has eating into the younger generation. If every female becomes king who’s gonna be queen? Aren’t you wiping out your own existence singlehandedly? I’ve never heard a man say I’m queen, or acclaim any feminine prowess, have you?

     I guess my message here’ mostly to females is “concentrate on being the best woman that you can be, just like Maya Angelou said “you alone are enough, you have nothing to prove to anybody”. No need to validate your strenght by picking up male attributes, roles or titles. Wear your Tiara with pride And value yourself alot!! And men, I guess we should all just be gender sensitive especially with words, I mean” why can’t we all be feminist?. 

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