Here’s an amazing story shared by an amazing person about how her life went from sour to sweet and worrying didn’t play any tangible role in it.


    During a coaching section we held on the blog last night, somebody shared a story of how she had a hard time paying her tuition, she had to work in a home for aged people, clean up their mess because they couldn’t use the toilet, she worked several jobs trying to raise money for each semester, and every time she paid she immediately had to start worrying about how to pay the next one, she barely had time to study because she was too engrossed working to get the money for studying, she was caught in a loop, not studying, working to pay for studying. She thought so little about how her future was going to unfold. A lot happened and today (9years later) she’s doing so good that she’s running a free education program for kids in primary and secondary education levels, and she told me quote ” i wish i had spent the time i spent worrying on working on myself I probably would have been better than I am right now, it was completely irrelevant”. we’ve all experienced this in one way or the other, worrying over a thing and moments later you’re completely over it. One day (soon) your future self is going to write to your present self saying “hey, we turned out okay, you worried unnecessarily☺” I know it’s physically impossible to not worry, but don’t do it at the detriment of your peace and happiness. There is a level of “worrying” that motivates you to think about a solution and there is the level that makes you quit and give up, you need to find and strike a balance so it won’t stop you from having the best life possible now!.

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Philippians 4:13

   This bible verse has alot of power attributed to it, but we can only harness it when we truly understand what it means. The bible in several chapters taught about the difference between trying God and tempting God, picking off of the example from the book of matthew where the devil took Jesus to the pinnacle of the temple and told him to jump because God said he will give his angels charge over him and Jesus responded “thou shall not tempt the Lord your God”. Another amazing chapter was in Mark 5, the woman with the issue of blood who believed that if she could only touch the hem of his garment she will be made whole, she did and Jesus said to her “thy faith has made thee whole”. Somewhere in that same chapter Jesus told the head of a synagogue Jairus “be not afraid, only believe” your daughter is not dead only asleep. It’s amazing you see, faith is the keyword here, how much you believe in getting what you want, your faith determines your fate with God. This is not to say Jesus refused to jump because he didn’t have faith in his father, hey’ he’s the chief facilitator of faith. but he knew that would just be tempting God because he didn’t have to jump, that is to say that you can’t simply see a burning building and say “hey guys, I can do all things through Christ so Im going to walk into this building and i will not be burned! Ha!! I’m sorry for your fate. that would seem like you’re taking God for granted, don’t you think? he is God! Not your serf.

This cracked me up, this is the widely misconstrued way people read this verse this is wrong guys!! Very wrong!!

     But God never abandons his children in their point of need, believe in him, trust and read his book, and there’ll  be no mountain that can stand in your way.