African Pop Culture (the market women) 

   An old woman once told me “above all things, I’m satisfied with the way i lived my life’ because “what I could do, I did! And what I couldn’t do, I tried! that’s alot more than most people ever do.

    As the African pop culture continue to make waves around Africa, we record yet another indelible yet captivating episode. This episode was randomly but collectively choosen by everybody indulged in the APC process. 

    The market women constitute a very high and remarkable percentage of people who market farm and or agricultural produce, there are many reasons why, but I’ll reserve that till later on. Now, usually men constitute a higher rate of farmers/breeders, in Nigeria alone over 70% of farmers are from the male gender, why you may ask? this isn’t because men are stronger than women and therefore can do more work, no! Neither is it that they are smarter hence can understand and utilize farm infrastructures more, no no! I should say it’s share devision of Labour or something of sorts. 

     Zig ziglar said ” ultimately, the way you see people is the way you’ll treat them”. It’s fascinating how an individual would decide to dedicate they whole lives to feeding humanity, farmers are feeders you know, i’mean imagine a world without farmers’ very blurry right? So why not motivate the farmers and promote agriculture in primary, secondary and tertiary education levels! We should also endeavour to help, donate and give freely to those who don’t have enough, instead of trying to cheat them or cut out of their profit, let’s add to it. Give these guys as much as you can even if you have nothing to benefit from it directly. I met a lady once on one of my many trips around Nigeria, she sold oranges for a living, I’m not a big fan of oranges but I decided to buy one, just to have the feel’ so I took one and diced it, orange cost 50 and I gave her 200, lady told me she had no change but offered me four more oranges in place of my change, bare in mind that I’m not an orange person, I barely wanted the one I actually bought so how beneficial would it be for me to have 4 more? not very! So i told the lady to keep the change. Guys! You needed to have seen the content that filled her eyes, my gosh it was priceless. I was so glad I made someone happy, I felt like giving her more money but that would’ve resulted to me traveling back home on a bicycle or worse.

    An amazing quote says ” you can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want”. So help, but you gotta do it willingly cos’ If you can’t help somebody without expecting something in return then don’t do it at all. 

   My conclusion to this is, people who are good aren’t good because it’s in their DNA or they were programmed that way, they’re good because they’ve come to wisdom through failure and love, they’re well aware of what’s its like to be helpless on your knees, they’ve felt unwarranted love and feel the need to give back. 

   The African pop culture is a program, a movement, you can call it a process, a process of creating awareness and publicizing the typical African ordeal as regard every single aspects of humanity for the sole purpose of creating a spark for change, a call for help and support, to private individuals, governmental bodies, local and international organizations, to invest, donate and share. this isn’t restricted to Africa and Africans alone, it’s for everybody, don’t forget, we were humans before borders were created. Click African pop culture for more info on the APC. 

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African pop culture (The Farmers of Africa)

This episode is to revalue the farmers, the feeders and breeders of nations, this is an exemplified and explanatory illustration of the obstacles and problems withheld by the African farmers. From the African farmers!!

“Plant a seed, feed a nation”was the preamble I grew up hearing right from childhood. More frequent than most everybody talked about how important farmers are to a nation.

  Schools made us farm as an extra curricular activity, I dreaded it so much and for some reason best known to the soil apportioned to me, my seeds never seemed to germinate. Oh well’ guess I wasn’t cut out for that.

 The movie “12 years a slave” is an award winning movie centered on slavery, but it expanciated on how Africans were forced to serve their masters and work in huge farmlands for days without enough food and less water, they were used to feed the colonies and their families. 

  Gradually it started to sink in, the importance of farmers cannot be overemphasized, they are the backbone of any economy. 

  Undoubtedly, the potentials of the  “African land” is phenomenal, its citizens are hardworking and capable of providing financial security, abundant farm yields, affordable educational system for the children, life security and a standard living for its people and the world at large. However, most of these potentials are left untapped due to the insufficient funding and financial support from the leaders of African states. More attention is paid to the common minerals that are feasible like gold, bitumen, oil and gas etc and they spend millions trying to harness them forgetting they might run out really soon.

Problems faced by the African farmers all generate from the deficient “financial support and investment” from the government of the states. And other Private owned organizations For example÷

* farmers can’t increase the size of their farmlands to accommodate more crops because they lack the finance, And the cost of purchasing a piece of land is ridiculously high these days. 

* inadequate access to fertilizers- due to the importance of this material to crops, the price has been escalated and keeps escalating, making it almost impossible for the farmers to purchase the quantity they need, they end up getting insignificant quantity that surmount to nothing at the end of the day.

* the major of all these obstacles remain the inability to purchase some basic farm implements and machineries that make work easier, faster and more efficient.  These farmers barely make enough money to feed themselves and their families, so it is absolutely preprostrous for them to purchase machines. With sufficient finance and funding they can purchase basic machineries like the land mower, chisel plow, sprayer, conveyor belt, grain dryer or even the common farm truck. But without these, they end up doing them manually which consumes time and gives chance to errors, it also resonates to very little farm output and unhealthy yields due to insufficient fertilization. 

  My plea is not only to the Leaders of Africa but for every single one of us to embrase the farmers and not see them as the low lives of the community but instead the “feeders of nations” that they rightfully are, let’s give them the support and aid that they require because they work for us all and they plant the trees that gives us oxygen(major bonus). Imagine a world without farmers? That’s starvation you see, that’s self inflicted famine. 

    The potential is there, the strength and will power is present, the ability and love that goes with all things is available abundantly, all that is required now is the support and mainly that of the “leaders”. 

   I visited various African farmlands and had a one-on-one conversation with the farmers to hear their opinions and deep rooted thoughts of the challenges and problems they face trying to feed the nation. I just aired some of it here! Stay glued for yet another episode of the African pop Culture-APC 

For a closing, here are some photos for your viewing pleasure 🙂

Many blessings to you, Mahdheebah 


This is a must read. Pay close attention, you might find here what you’ve been looking for in Africa (photos might be subject to copyright)

     African pop culture is an exclamation of the various ethnic groups in Africa, the diversity in every country, state, religion, tribe, community and language. I am bringing Africa to the screen of your computers, showing you all there is to know, (or at least ‘almost’ all there is to know). We will swerve through every country in Africa and elaborate on every tribe and its culture. This is going to be a free tourist train ride, and all you have to do is scroll. 
    You notice how artifacts and souvenirs from Africa speak Africa? I mean you literally don’t have to ask where it’s from! Huh. You might have heard countless negative stories about Africa, but I’m about to change your mind, I’m about to show you what the media won’t, I’m about to link you with young entrepreneurs from all over Africa with talents, skills and grave potentials and ability to turn CRAFT into ART.

   Couldn’t be more sure that everyone copped a version of the African attire “DASHIKI” that swept through North America, South America and some parts of Europe. here are some pictures to refresh your memory 

    The dashiki is originally from Ghana but it was made popular by the western parts of the world. The name dashiki is derived from the Hausa word “Dan ciki”, which means shirt. It comes in different variants, from simple draped clothing to fully tailored suits we got em all, as seen above. However, the Dashiki is one of many other African made designs that crossed the borders of Africa, we also had Unique necklaces cut out from prehistoric beads, woofs and horns of animals and just a bunch of other weird stuffs that seem really attractive. 

    When I speak about African culture, I want you to bear in mind that Africa is one of the most diversified continents in the world, if not the most (haven’t conducted that research yet) so culture varies in Africa as the languages do, and there are well over 1,000 indigenous languages spoken round Africa, that should give you an estimate idea how broad this will get. 
    During my research on Africa I came across a very upsetting article that read “most African countries are also known to be exceedingly poor and underdeveloped, where a significant number of people, particularly children, suffer from malnutrition. The incidence of malaria and HIV cases is also extremely high in Africa”. Well, I beg to differ. You see, that’s what the media will tell you, but what they won’t tell you however is that Africa is actually one of the wealthiest continents in the world, in terms of natural resources. Many countries in Africa contain rich reserves of valuable minerals like Colton, diamonds, gold and bauxite, as well as other valuable commodities like oil, gas and timber. I do agree however that this wealth has not historically translated into better living conditions for the average African person and there are numerous reasons for this, including colonization, corruption, armed conflict or rebellion as well as policies of international financial institutions like world bank and the IMF, but huge emphasis on CORRUPTION. So if you tag Africa as a poor continent you might be sadly mistaken because chances are it is wealthier than yours. But just like I stated earlier, this wealth hasn’t translated into riches for Africa just yet, as a result of corruption among its own leaders. The average African leader will export the natural resources of his country to foreign states and use the revenue to feed his family. Tell me then, how development will come? 

       Luckily that’s not what this article is about. I’m about to expose you to the rich cultural endowments of Africa and link you to the artisans/entrepreneurs who make it happen. I’m about to start a chain of connection that will transcend borders, create relationships and business partnerships, promote cultures and expose young entrepreneurs from round the world. I’m about to make Earth our COUNTRY and each country a STATE (maybe that way we will see how alike we really are).  

    African pop culture is about everybody, with a sense of taste, ostentation and charisma. It’s about everything, the jewelries, the bags, the shoes, the clothes and the hats. And it’s going everywhere. It is also going to be centered on youth empowerment, entrepreneurship, handy works, arts and craft, production, exportation and friendship.

    I’m taking this medium to call, beckon and summon anyone and everyone in and out of Africa with something rich and outstanding about your country and its cultural heritage, I’d love to work with amazing bloggers on this, let’s promote culture, lets link entrepreneurs and patronize them as well. This should be fun! Working and conversing with you all. So who’s in?

New York

Main attraction, free tourist destinations in New York

                                     NEW YORK TRAVEL INFORMATION 

Welcome to New York, Places to sight see are a dozen-to-the-dime, Don’t miss views of the Statue of Liberty from the Staten Island Ferry ( and the Empire State Building ( or get lost in the artistic reveries at the Museum of Modern Art (, for those who want to get off the well-worn track try the numerous walking tours available. Official tourist information can be found at,


New York is famous as a shopper’s paradise, and many flock to the big department stores like Macy”s (, Barneys (660 Madison Avenue, and Bloomingdales ( for everything from designer duds to kitchenware. Children will never want to leave the giant toy paradise FAO SCHWARZ ( for hip boutiques, go to the lower East Side and Williamsburg. And if you’re looking for something to take back home, T-shirts and mugs emblazoned with the iconic “I love NY” logo make great souvenirs.

Bon Appétit

Order Pastrami on rye and recreate the ‘I’ll have what she’s having ” scene from when harry met sally at kat’z deli ( You’ll be hard pressed to go a block without finding an amazing restaurant selling everything from bialys and bagels to Michelin-starred cuisine. Remember to tip well, waiters earn much less than the minimum wage: 15 to 20 per cent of the bill is expected.


Are you like me? Can you not go a day without playing basket-ball? No worries, NYC is one of the states with the most number of basketball courts in America, there’s literally one in every block. Runners are not left out, everywhere is conducive to run, central park, So long as it’s a favorable forecast you’re ok.


You are spoiled for choice with New York’s luxury hotels, one of the most famous of which is THE PLAZA ( Rooms start at $595 a night, that’s Approximately 200,000 thousand Nigerian currency! Amazing right?  Anyway, for cheaper options you can try A notable one is the pod hotel (, where for as low as $89 dollars a night u can have clean rooms with iPod stations, free Wifi and lcd TV. That’s about 30 thousand naira a night, can’t complain too much for that one, it’s New York.

Hip tip

Things move fast in NYC, so find up to date information at And for deals on tickets visit 

Free Tourist Attractions in New York

New York is definitely one of the best places in the world, it is filled with hundreds if not thousands of sites to see, however it is also one of the most expensive cities in the world trust me. Ranging from tours, hotels, shopping malls, and of cause food restaurants can get really expensive, but budget conscious travelers need not worry, there’s always something to consulate, there’s something for everybody in New York. I have a list of some free tourist attractions to help make the most of your trip to NYC without breaking your bank.

New York Public Library/ 455 Fifth Avenue at 42nd street

There are three places that make me feel at home anywhere in the world, a basketball court, a well equipped gymnasium and of cause a Library. How this is a tourist attraction you might ask? Well at the time it was built in 1911 the New York public library was the largest marble building in the whole of America. And if you’re a lover of art, it was built in the Beaux-Arts style, the library is an impressive architectural structure. So feel free to visit the New York library to enjoy the extensive and unlimited book collections, impressive architecture, and the popular stone lions outside the building. There are also free tours through the library at 11am and 2pm Monday to Saturday, and 2pm on Sundays.


Rockefeller Center/ Fifth Avenue between 49th and 50th street

I’m sure there’s almost nobody who did not watch the then popular movie “Home Alone” that means you remember the part where he went ice skating alone on Christmas day, well this is the place. Rockefeller Center is the site of New York City’s annual Christmas tree and a very popular spot during the holiday when you can see the tree and watch people skate (well because you actually really can’t skate) in front of it for free.

Early mornings on weekdays you can catch a taping of the today’s show for free in Rockefeller Center and you can also enjoy the famous statues of Atlas and Prometheus.

Staten Island Ferry

A trip on the Staten Island Ferry is absolutely 100% free, pretty ironic for an extravagant city. Thousands of new Yorkers ride the ferry to work daily, tourists and visitors can use it to experience amazing views of lower Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and the New York harbor for free.

Times Square

Unarguably one of the most iconic images of New York City is Times Square. Approximately 30 million people visit Times Square, to enjoy the lights, famous billboards and nearby restaurants and shows.

While taking in a Broadway show, dinner can be extremely pricey, enjoying the lights and billboards however is completely free and actually very satisfying. Due to the amount of people that troop in frequently, much of Times Square is now a pedestrian plaza with no traffic. Visitors can sit and take in Times Square at one of the multiple tables installed for tourists to relax and enjoy the amazing sites. You can best enjoy your Times Square experience after sunset when the glowing lights and din are at their most impressive. You can take the following subways to Times Square. 1,2,3,7,A,C,N,R,. 

Central Park/ 830 Fifth Avenue

Central Park is practically 843 acres of nature in the middle of a concrete jungle. THIS beautiful oasis has several gardens, open spaces, lakes and pathways. The land mass that makes up central park is said to be worth over $1trillion, but it cost absolutely nothing to go in and enjoy the beautiful nature which ironically is completely man-made. If you visit NYC during the warmer months you can enjoy free performances at the park’s summer stage.

Chelsea Galleries

​The typical tourist knows that New York City is filled with some of the greatest museums in the world, but art lovers such as myself know that the place to see the most up-to-date artwork is art galleries. New York most concentrated area to go “gallery hoping” is Chelsea. You can go from gallery to gallery in the 20s street between 10th and 11th avenue and observe a variety of different art in all different mediums for free and there’s no pressure to buy anything! If you time your trip right, you can try your luck at a gallery opening and score some free wine and cheese. Gallery openings are typically on Thursday evenings.

High Line

New York’s latest park is completely unique and unlike any other park in the nation. It was created/established on an abandoned stretch of Railroad track and is in fact 30 feet in the air (hence the name high-line).

The park runs from New York’s meat parking district to Chelsea and it offers overwhelming views of the Hudson River. The High Line frequently offers public installations and events.

Grand Central Terminal/ 89 East 42nd Street at Park Avenue

​The Grand Central Terminal was built in 1913 and is a gorgeous, historic structure in Midtown Manhattan. Grand Central Terminal is a national historic landmark and a beautiful architectural structure that has been painstakingly preserved. Everyday Grand Central Terminal serve hundreds of Travelers traveling on the Metro-north Railroad to Westchester, Putnam, and Dutchess Counties in New York state, and Fairfield and New Haven Counties in Connecticut. There are also stops for the 4,5,6,7 and S subways. However, Grand Central Terminal is more than just a hub for transportation, there are shops, dinning, and more available to visitors, the Grand central terminal offers group tours as well as free tours for individuals on Wednesdays and Fridays.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral/ 460 Madison Avenue

Regardless of your religious orientation, St Patrick’s Cathedral is a site to behold. It is the largest decorated gothic-style catholic cathedral in the United States and it seats 2200 people. After over 20 years of construction, St. Patrick’s Cathedral first opened its doors in May 1879 and has been open to the public for free ever since. Feel free to go check out the beautiful structure or take in a mass.

Sony Wonder Technology Lab/ 550 Madison Avenue (212) 833-8100

The Sony Wonder Technology Lab features interactive exhibits and hands-on technology for children and adults. At Sony Wonder Technology Lab, visitors can tinker with robots, experience the latest PlayStation video games, learn how high-tech gadgets work and even perform virtual surgery. Although admission to the Lab is free, a ticket is required and there are a limited amount of tickets. Tickets are available same-day on a first-come, first-served basis. Tickets typically run out quickly so ensure to show up pretty early.

That is pretty much all I have as regards free tourists attractions New York, However there are more like the National Museum of the American Indian, Federal Hall of National Memorial and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, but I haven’t paid a visit there ‘’yet’’, I’ll be sure to provide any other info I gather but for the main time you should note that one thing that all New Yorkers do is walk, New Yorkers walk everywhere! Another free way to enjoy the city is to walk around the different neighborhoods and get a feel of what the city has to offer.

Here are some btw facts I came to know about NYC:

  1. New York was the capital of the United States for five years, from 1785 to 1790, before it was moved to Washington D.C.
  2. NYC is the most populated city in the USA and is considered one of the Worlds cultural capitals.