Stories revolve around about what demons are and what they could actually do using people. The bible describes humans as vessels, a vessel according to the English dictionary is defined as a container, or an ornament for storing things. If this is so that means that who we appear to be in the physical doesn’t really matter, what matters is what is contained within us. Take for example a jewelry box, it is called a jewelry box because of what is inside of it that’s to say that if you were to replace the jewelry with say mechanical tools it will hence be called a tool box.
Now it is written that we are all created in the image and likeness of God, why then do we have some people behaving like devils? Something most of us don’t realize is the fact that God created us as free moral agents, This is to say that we have the will to choose who we believe in. Often, we ask why God wouldn’t just put an end to evil, surely just by uttering the words “evil be deceased!!!” it will be so. but that cannot be the case because it will cause a shift in paradigm however, God is not a man so you can’t predict him. I came across a book recently that I clearly was not supposed to and I read about an ancient doctrine of formulas “spells” to reincarnate old time religion, control weather, people and even communicate with the deceased, Being the very inquisitive person I was eager to find out more, then a notification popped up on my computer and phone simultaneously and it told me to reevaluate my will to inquire about this subject. like having a notification pop up on my phone when i was only making use of my laptop wasn’t creepy enough it then said you are adviced to put a hault in to this research but I can proceed at my own peril. Guys! This is not a joke, there are certain books that should never be read and knowledge that should never be assessed. the “necronomicor”, “777 and other qabalistic writings”, “the seven book of moses”, “the equinox” are just a few of those books.
Demons are real, evil is real but God is also real, it is essential you identify with a spiritual being (God precisely). I read in one of those books that it is very possible to possess an individual and control their actions and thoughts, rememberwe talked about being vessels earlier? Now what distinguishes a good person from a bad person is what is contained in them. If you’re an empty vessel I.e you’re neither for God nor the devil you’re prone to be possessed by a spiritual controlling entity.
Revisit the creation story in the book of genesis, we were moulded by God (empty vessels) then he breathed into our nostrils (possessed us with his own life) hence the reason we’re said to be in God’s image. Also notice how the bible describes our body as a temple for Christ? If your temple is not occupied by Christ it’ll be occupied by something else, and that’s why most people find themselves doing things they mostly don’t want to do.
We cannot be possessed by two different entities, if you have God dwelling in you there’s no room for evil to come in, and if you have evil dwelling in you there’s no room for Christ to come in and that’s why it’s important to be “born again” because during that process you renounce the devil that dwells within you and accept Jesus to come inside you.
This is why most times i narrate to people, Your battle is not with people, they are just vessels, your battle is with the devil inside them, so instead of fighting and screaming and trying to speak sense into them’ pray for them because most people don’t even know that they are not doing the right thing.
Blessings to you all☺💕



People will attack you with your past when they notice you’re evolving as a person’ just to pull you back and make you feel less worthy’ because they don’t want to accept growth for themself. disregard them, change is constant, you’re allowed to become whoever you want, whenever you want.