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In ancient Greek mythology, songs were sang about a little farm boy who ‘spoke’ his way to the throne through faith and obedience, he was quoted several times saying, “if only you have faith small as a mustard seed, surely you will move mountains”.
With that understanding you realize that you can’t find what you’re not looking for and you’ll only attain what you believe in, so speak it to existence and claim it.

Blessings to you💕


The Mad Couple

During my service year in the south eastern part of Nigeria, a narrative by Ayodele Adeoye was always referenced about a man named SAMADE, samade was a graduate of applied physics from a Nigerian university before he ran mad, he was a fan of every villager for his abilities and talents, Abilities and talents madness could not snatch away from him. His dancing steps and melodious voice couldn’t be ignored by passersby. He sings and dances without musical instruments yet those who listened and watched him wished he was not mad for the ecstasy he gave to them. His love life and marriage to Cynthia, another mad woman in the village was an envy of many couples. Samade and Cynthia had lived together in a self built self-containe under the popular bridge at Orile junction for 22 years. There were several times the villagers saw them quarreling but no one knew how they settled their differences. Unfortunately Samade and Cynthia do not speak the same language. While Samade was from the western parts of Nigeria, Cynthia was from the Eastern part of the country. How they seemed to communicate so efficiently struck me as a mystery but They lived together for 22 years without a long separation. How they consented to live as couple and had 3 children is a riddle no one is yet to solve. They lived under same roof in quote, they had no source of income other than begging, they have no common sense, lacked counselors, never attended marriage classes, yet they lived together for 22years uninterrupted. Samade and Cynthia were the Romeo and Juliet of their world, a perfect match to a fault. Mad but proud of each other and their union. They were seen severally kissing, hugging, caressing and sharing romantic moments together in the village. They shared all things in common, they bathed together, played together, ate together, entertained their guests together, fought together, smiled together etc. Samade and Cynthia were an epitome of uncoordinated romantic folks. If they were not mad, they would have won the best couple of the year’s award. The lesson in Samade and Cynthia’s romantic story is this; “If the insane can sustain a romantic relationship, the sane should be able to do better”. Unfortunately, most sane couples with common sense cannot stay together as husband and wife for 10 years without divorce or separation. Yet they have access to the good things of life. They have good shelter, good food, sound education, spiritual helps, finance etc. The story of this mad couple inspired me alot as it was really thought provoking. I realized that living in the moment was what made this couple stand out, these days people carry unrealistic ideologies of how they want their relationships to be and when is doesn’t go the way they plan it leads to a breakup or a massive fight or cheating. Unfortunately, Samade died on 24th of July and Cynthia died too on 3rd September of the same year of depression and loneliness. Their children were adopted by 3 different families whose lives were inspired by the romantic life of the mad couple. They were mad together They lived together They died together If the mad couple can do it, you can do it better, I can do it better because I can do all things through Christ and so can you (phil4:13)

Man and Humility 

     For a man to discover his vast self, for him to perceive within the Indwelling God requires great humility. Those to whom this revelation has come often have undergone the greatest suffering and privation before the disobedient ego would be brought to it’s knees. No man perceives the kingdom of heaven unless his eyes are open to the infinite oneness about him. Until he sees his kinship with each living thing, he cannot boldly declare his own divinity in complete selflessness. Many there are who have proclaimed themselves supermen, by virtue of certain talents, certain intelligence, certain acquisitiveness or ruthlessness. But always their reign has been short-lived. Life’s law is to bring to his knees the man who lives with a bloated ego. Find such a man and observe the fearful burden he carries. He always must be proving to himself that he is great, accomplished, superior, while in his heart he knows that failure and defeat await him. This terrible spectre often drives such men to suicide, to other less obvious forms of self destruction. Yet they might turn from their false god anytime they choose. They have only to accept the DIVINE into their lives, to reject all notions of themselves as particular and superior, to be humble in the face of their maker and in all things identify themselves with him. Then peace and true power comes.

    It is not just a queer quirk of fate that many rich men have given away all they possessed, They simply have sought to get rid of vanity by getting rid of possessions and thus to admit God into their lives. The Hindu fakir sits all day staring at the sun, maintaining a single position for days, even weeks, against terrible pain and fatigue, for only one thing, Humility. For when a man dispossesses vanity, God is free to enter into his soul, to possess it, to freely use it. All strain, all tension, all struggle, all anxiety and fear then disappear. When a man achieves humility, he places his life in the hands of the supreme, attains to peace and serenity, and when you successfully accomplishthat level of divinity everything automatically begins to connect.

  #Secrete of secretes


Here’s an amazing story shared by an amazing person about how her life went from sour to sweet and worrying didn’t play any tangible role in it.

    During a coaching section we held on the blog last night, somebody shared a story of how she had a hard time paying her tuition, she had to work in a home for aged people, clean up their mess because they couldn’t use the toilet, she worked several jobs trying to raise money for each semester, and every time she paid she immediately had to start worrying about how to pay the next one, she barely had time to study because she was too engrossed working to get the money for studying, she was caught in a loop, not studying, working to pay for studying. She thought so little about how her future was going to unfold. A lot happened and today (9years later) she’s doing so good that she’s running a free education program for kids in primary and secondary education levels, and she told me quote ” i wish i had spent the time i spent worrying on working on myself I probably would have been better than I am right now, it was completely irrelevant”. we’ve all experienced this in one way or the other, worrying over a thing and moments later you’re completely over it. One day (soon) your future self is going to write to your present self saying “hey, we turned out okay, you worried unnecessarily☺” I know it’s physically impossible to not worry, but don’t do it at the detriment of your peace and happiness. There is a level of “worrying” that motivates you to think about a solution and there is the level that makes you quit and give up, you need to find and strike a balance so it won’t stop you from having the best life possible now!.

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Philippians 4:13

   This bible verse has alot of power attributed to it, but we can only harness it when we truly understand what it means. The bible in several chapters taught about the difference between trying God and tempting God, picking off of the example from the book of matthew where the devil took Jesus to the pinnacle of the temple and told him to jump because God said he will give his angels charge over him and Jesus responded “thou shall not tempt the Lord your God”. Another amazing chapter was in Mark 5, the woman with the issue of blood who believed that if she could only touch the hem of his garment she will be made whole, she did and Jesus said to her “thy faith has made thee whole”. Somewhere in that same chapter Jesus told the head of a synagogue Jairus “be not afraid, only believe” your daughter is not dead only asleep. It’s amazing you see, faith is the keyword here, how much you believe in getting what you want, your faith determines your fate with God. This is not to say Jesus refused to jump because he didn’t have faith in his father, hey’ he’s the chief facilitator of faith. but he knew that would just be tempting God because he didn’t have to jump, that is to say that you can’t simply see a burning building and say “hey guys, I can do all things through Christ so Im going to walk into this building and i will not be burned! Ha!! I’m sorry for your fate. that would seem like you’re taking God for granted, don’t you think? he is God! Not your serf.

This cracked me up, this is the widely misconstrued way people read this verse this is wrong guys!! Very wrong!!

     But God never abandons his children in their point of need, believe in him, trust and read his book, and there’ll  be no mountain that can stand in your way.

The Transfiguration 

    Hey guys, let me share with you a quick emotional and inspiring story of a woman from Kenya (Africa) who found her childhood friend on the streets suffering and struggling from drug abuse and starvation. How she transformed his life will prove to you that God exist in human form! 

With no words said I’m sure we all understood that story. It is very imperative at every point that you do not look down or trample on anybody because that person just might be the angel that God has put on this earth to help you in your time of need. You see, God knows that we can’t do everything on our own, we are bound to stagger, faulter and make mistakes, that’s why Adam had Eve and even Jesus had disciples. God sends an Earth Angel  along with us the day we were born, we usually never know who this person is but chances are you’ve come across them at some point in your life, they show up unceremoniously and unexpectedly at the time you’re most in need of help. I’m sure some of you already experienced it, the people you expected to help you during your troubled period couldn’t really help you then an unexpected person shows up and aids you like they’ve known you all your life, yes, that wasn’t coincidental, they were sent, they’ve been with you the whole time just waiting to lend a hand when you need. We all have a helper waiting for us, all we need do now is to treat and respect everyone we meet because you’ll never know who your angel in human clothing is. And if you’re out there right now, stuck and in need of a helper, I just want you to know that God hasn’t forgotten you, he has a plan for you, all you need to do is prove to him that You! haven’t forgotten him by praying to him and asking him to send your helper, you’ll be amazed to discover that God answers prayers faster than the speed of light.

        Blessings to you☺💕


The Picture Message

     Thought of another great way to get a message across and this popped into my head, read it, sink it, screenshot it and enlarge it if you must but make sure to always profess it to yourself daily. 

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The Encounter 

   Do you ever feel like you’re not good enough, not perfect enough, you don’t fit in, you have a horrible past? Well hey, You’re not alone. You’re far from being alone!!

      I had a friend one time, who was as “in the world” as could be, I mean she was so addicted to drugs and alcohol and everything wrong. All through our college years she was always in detention and facing expulsion for being caught with some sort of narcotics or some act of indecency. I was opportuned to bump into this girl a while back and she was changed, and I mean she was a deep devoted Christian, so I asked her what happened, why the sudden interest in religion, you knew about God all this while but never followed him, why now? Her reply was remarkable.

   She said, I had what you call “an encounter”, it was very brief and in that encounter “something said to me” it’s time!! She went on to narrate to me that she really didn’t understand the encounter but this wasn’t your average “I was dreaming and something said” story you hear all the time, this was real, I was conscious of it, it wasn’t supernatural, it was very natural and I knew it was a divine utterance. 

   But how would you know a divine utterance if you never really knew God I asked, and she told me “i knew about God, everyone does but they’re often too depressed, too sunk in and too uninterested to believe in him, but when it’s your time believe me it’s your time.

  You see, God has a plan for everyone of us, we are not just existing in an eternal bliss of nothingness, living by chance, we are all characters in a play God is orchestrating, we all play significant roles.

   Now i want you to imaging a scenerio, if you were a hard core, big time Alcoholic and people are trying to get you to stop drinking and mr A comes and gives you reasons why you shouldn’t drink, how its bad for your health and what it might result you to doing (but bare in mind that Mr A has never really been a drinker before, so he has no idea what it feels like to combat the addiction). Then Mr B comes along and gives you the same advice but is also able to relate he’s own personal experience to you and also give you pointers to how he combated his own addiction. Tell me, who are you prone to listen to more? Yes! Mr B, because he knows exactly how you really feel, he’s been in those shoes before so he trully understands and won’t judge you.

  God puts us through certain situations, experiences and battles because he has a bigger plan for us, he wants us to use our scars to draw people out of their battles. Nothing happens by chance, don’t look back at your past and ask God why? Look up to him and ask what next? There is a plan for everybody, God has a plan for all of us and its to take us to Great heights, don’t believe me? Let’s scoot over to Jeremiah 29:11 it says “for I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, they are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and hope”. God doesnt lie, he’s infinite, he knows all things, that past of yours making you feel bad about yourself is exactly what you need to get to the next phase in life, you should wear it like a crown, you are perfectly imperfect.

  We all know Nick Vujicic (hope I spelt that correctly), the man who has absolutely no limbs! Notice how some of you didn’t recognise who Nick was until I said he’s the man with no limbs? well now he’s one of the most accomplished writers of all time and amongst the top inspirational speakers this generation has ever seen, I read in one of he’s books where he said “as a child growing up, I hated my life, I hated myself and I felt death might be preferable, he was tagged an alien in school and barely had any friends, life was tough he stated. But now he’s story has turned around, and he can’t but imagine how he’s life would’ve unfolded if he had complete body parts “I’ll probably have a regular life” and you won’t be reading my books because I’m  just another regular person. P.s he’s wife just had a set of beautiful, perfectly normal girls.

       My ideal is this, different people require different mediums for conviction, certain people only take advise from people who have been through their ordeal before, So if that’s the case that simply means “I have my own audience and you have yours ….right? 

I play basketball alot, I really love basketball and I’ve been telling whoever cares to listen that if the person who converted me to a believer was a basketball player or my coach, i would have listened more because they are like me. And all the coach has to say is Desmond!! If you don’t give your life to Christ you’ll be sitting on the bench all season and I’ll be like SIR YES SIR!! God here is my life, its all yours. 

     What I’m trying to say is, don’t be sad when you think about what you’ve been through, have no regrets because everything was allowed by God, so long as you believe in him he’ll surely heal you, he cannot loose and therefore you can’t either and never forget three important facts in life; you are a crucial piece in God’s giant puzzle, Earth is not your final Destination (heaven is) and you are not defined by your mistakes. 

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  God loves you and so do I ☺

The Great Lost Story 

   ​In time past, a story was told of a woman who was simply described as “one in her prime” she was all a man could ask for and probably even more “as far as physical appearance was concerned”. She knew she was very attractive so she placed herself on a very high pedestal, there was a young man who was in love with this lady and heaven bent on marrying her, so often he’ll send her flowers, Rose petals were her favourite! He’ll fill up her gas tank when she wasn’t looking, mow her lawn, surprise her with boxes of chocolate and everything she liked! He was sincerely interested in her, he treated her a bit more than a princess, she was soft gold to him. but every time he tried to make a move she always declined and undermined his personality. She liked somebody else, she was head over heals for the big shot hot model bodied business man who had a lot of money, He never treated her like the other man did but she never cared because he had a bag full of qualities. Time passed and the other man stopped sending her flowers, she stopped receiving text messages from him, her lawn grew out of proportion then she decided to ask around. Few hours later she heard the man had  been in a coma for days, she rushed down to the hospital to see him, he explained to her that he went to get her favourite flowers like he usually does but on his way to her apartment got knocked down by a dirt truck, he explained what she really meant to him even after her several rejections, He professed his feelings to her one last time as he drew his final breath. She was perplexed! She looked by the side of his bed and saw the bouquet of rose petals and it was addressed to her, she was crushed. She looked deeper and noticed a glitter in the bouquet, she reached in and it was a “Diamond Ring” turned out the man was actually on his way to propose to her when he got swatted by the truck. Tears slowly ran down her eyes. Few weeks later, the man she was in love/lost with got married to another lady, she lost everything! She was fed up with life and overdosed on a highly intoxicating drug and died leaving behind a note that read “Look no further than within, for what is yours is already with you”

This is sadly what happens in reality, we spend so much of our time chasing material objects that we loose sight of what is truly ours, we get carried away by our infatuations and forget life is only momentary. Cherish people who treat you special because someday they just might be no more.

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Outside the box

    As a young boy growing up in the suburbs, I always heard a story about a small African city, hundreds of years ago, there was a small business owner who owed a large sum of money to a loan-shark. The loan-shark was a very old, unattractive looking guy that just so happened to fancy the business owner’s daughter so he decided to offer the businessman a deal that would completely wipe out the debt he owed him. However, the catch was that he would only wipe out the debt if he could marry the businessman’s daughter. Needless to say, this proposal was met with a look of disgust because he was quite ugly.

   The loan-shark told the businessman that he would place two pebbles into a bag, one white and one black, he’s daughter would then have to reach into the bag and pick out a pebble. If it was black, the debt would be wiped, but the loan-shark would then marry her and If it is white, the debt would also be wiped, but the daughter wouldn’t have to marry the loan-shark.

   Standing on a pebble strewn path in the businessman’s garden, the loan-shark bent over and sneakily picked up two black pebbles. Whilst he was picking them up, the daughter noticed that he’d picked up two black pebbles and placed them both into the bag. He then asked the daughter to reach into the bag and pick one.

   The daughter naturally had three choices as to what she could have done:
1, Refuse to pick a pebble from the bag.

2, Take both pebbles out of the bag and expose the loan-shark for cheating.

3, Pick a pebble from the bag fully aware it was black and sacrifice herself for her father’s freedom.

   So she drew out a pebble from the bag, and before looking at it ‘accidentally’ dropped it into the midst of the other pebbles. She then said to the loan-shark;
“Oh, how clumsy of me. Never mind, if you look into the bag for the one that is left, you will be able to tell which pebble I picked.”
The pebble left in the bag was obviously black, and seeing as the loan-shark didn’t want to be exposed, he had to play along as if the pebble the daughter dropped was white, and clear her father’s debt.

    You see’ It’s always possible to overcome a tough situation through out of the box thinking, and not having to give in to the only options you think you have to pick from. However, i am not trying to promote rebellion but you don’t always have to conform to societal norms, be you and be smart.