African Pop Culture (the market women) 

   An old woman once told me “above all things, I’m satisfied with the way i lived my life’ because “what I could do, I did! And what I couldn’t do, I tried! that’s alot more than most people ever do.

    As the African pop culture continue to make waves around Africa, we record yet another indelible yet captivating episode. This episode was randomly but collectively choosen by everybody indulged in the APC process. 

    The market women constitute a very high and remarkable percentage of people who market farm and or agricultural produce, there are many reasons why, but I’ll reserve that till later on. Now, usually men constitute a higher rate of farmers/breeders, in Nigeria alone over 70% of farmers are from the male gender, why you may ask? this isn’t because men are stronger than women and therefore can do more work, no! Neither is it that they are smarter hence can understand and utilize farm infrastructures more, no no! I should say it’s share devision of Labour or something of sorts. 

     Zig ziglar said ” ultimately, the way you see people is the way you’ll treat them”. It’s fascinating how an individual would decide to dedicate they whole lives to feeding humanity, farmers are feeders you know, i’mean imagine a world without farmers’ very blurry right? So why not motivate the farmers and promote agriculture in primary, secondary and tertiary education levels! We should also endeavour to help, donate and give freely to those who don’t have enough, instead of trying to cheat them or cut out of their profit, let’s add to it. Give these guys as much as you can even if you have nothing to benefit from it directly. I met a lady once on one of my many trips around Nigeria, she sold oranges for a living, I’m not a big fan of oranges but I decided to buy one, just to have the feel’ so I took one and diced it, orange cost 50 and I gave her 200, lady told me she had no change but offered me four more oranges in place of my change, bare in mind that I’m not an orange person, I barely wanted the one I actually bought so how beneficial would it be for me to have 4 more? not very! So i told the lady to keep the change. Guys! You needed to have seen the content that filled her eyes, my gosh it was priceless. I was so glad I made someone happy, I felt like giving her more money but that would’ve resulted to me traveling back home on a bicycle or worse.

    An amazing quote says ” you can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want”. So help, but you gotta do it willingly cos’ If you can’t help somebody without expecting something in return then don’t do it at all. 

   My conclusion to this is, people who are good aren’t good because it’s in their DNA or they were programmed that way, they’re good because they’ve come to wisdom through failure and love, they’re well aware of what’s its like to be helpless on your knees, they’ve felt unwarranted love and feel the need to give back. 

   The African pop culture is a program, a movement, you can call it a process, a process of creating awareness and publicizing the typical African ordeal as regard every single aspects of humanity for the sole purpose of creating a spark for change, a call for help and support, to private individuals, governmental bodies, local and international organizations, to invest, donate and share. this isn’t restricted to Africa and Africans alone, it’s for everybody, don’t forget, we were humans before borders were created. Click African pop culture for more info on the APC. 

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Onyeoma by the Golden Voices “official song release”

it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the release of the new song that has got everybody talking, its time for the unveiling of the next big deal, “Onyeoma” by the Golden Voices.

​   In the spirit of the new month, I gracefully welcome you to the first of the last days in 2017, we made it “yayyy”, happy and a very blissful month to you.

    Still in the spirit of the newness of the month, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the release of the new song that has got everybody talking, its time for the unveiling of the next big deal, “Onyeoma” by the Golden Voices, the track currently holding the record as the only gospel drug prescribed and certified to get you high enough to converse with the most high God, little wonder they’re calling it the “ecstasy of music“, abuse of this drug has been legalized, overdose of it is very advised and addiction to it is strictly permitted. Before I bless us with the link to download this track, allow me to brief you on the little chat I had with a member of the “Golden Voices” who also happens to be my long time friend. This is what Richard Akagha had to say about the song;

    “Onyeoma is a word synonymous with the Igbo tribes of south-eastern Nigeria, it means “GOD IS GOOD“, in this song we uncover and bring to light the immeasurable goodness of God, his irrefutable love and kindness towards us. I call this song “the song of the spirit”. the spirit of God inspired this song, from the lyrics to the sound through to the voices and down to the instrumentals. This song was orchestrated by the spirit of God. It’s a worship song for the now and the future, this worship song is a movement of the name JESUS, spreading his goodness and wonders to all the ends of the Earth. But above all’ my friends, it talks about the Gospel, which means Good news, the reason Jesus came, and through this song we’re bringing hope to many, we’re stirring faith in the hearts of everyone that hears the song, reminding them that he is the joy of the entire universe. That’s why the group “Golden voice” was birthed, to continually sing it, spread it and tell it to the whole world with our Golden voice, that JESUS ONYEOMA”. 


        So without any further’ado i present to you, the quick link to download this masterpiece by Don Sam and the Golden Voices, click on Download Onyeoma to get the song. 

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Oh please, what do you know about love? Was the first question my “ever supportive self” asked me when i decided to write this article. Well I do know one thing, you’ve got to love to be loved. But let’s learn the real thing now shall we. The book secret of secrets by U.S Andersen was the bane upon which this article was coined


    Many people when they think of God they conjure up the image of a giant-sized old man who dwells in the clouds, and this vision, or rather the lack of it is a serious deterrent to their spiritual progress. 

Truth is, it is quite difficult to unite with God if you envisage him as having a separate existence from yourself, and this is doubly true if you visualize him in an anthropomorphic sense, in the form of a man, for in so doing you cannot help but give him human features and a human personality, and most times that’s what leads us to believe that our sins are too great for God to forgive so rather than repenting we find ourselves submerging in the sin more because we’ve personified God as a mere man that will not forgive.

 But in contrary, he is the beautiful simplicity with which he is sometimes described to children by their parents, and nearly all children sooner or later inquire, ‘’but if God is here, mummy, why can’t I see him’’? and it is the wise mother who replies, “because he is a spirit, dear”.

 God is a spirit, he is that very consciousness that is you, that is all creatures, and his form is not that of a giant-sized old man, but is all form, the countless, myriad, numberless forms of life. This I tell you is very true! you ever just been all by yourself and hear a calm voice talking to you, telling you to resist an evil urge, or to forgive that person that wronged you or giving you advise on how to go about a particular problem. I could speak on a particular personal experience, I was up late (something that has grown to become a norm lifestyle for me), so I decided to go for a walk, I strolled to a nearby park, time check was there about 11:00-11:30pm, at the park I decided to take a chill, so I sat on the lounge close to me, I was starring at the tree directly in front of me, then it happened!! I started hearing voices, giving me advice, telling me how my future could unfold and adding I should probably stop talking so much p.s I assure you, I wasn’t drunk! Though I actually thought the tree was talking to me.

 Thing is, we’ve been deceived for so long by the devil, making us believe that God is so far away and it is difficult to reach out to him, this is false and a sham by the devil to lead us astray, the sooner we realize that God is closer to us than even our parents or friends or colleagues, the better it’ll be for us. 

 According to U.S Andersen in his book ‘’THE SECRET OF SECRETS’’ We can know God in two ways; 

      By observing his forms and works in the world

 By exploring his existence within us 

 The first method has been largely the province of the science-physics, chemistry, mathematics, electronics e.t.c.

 The second has been the province of arts-literature, psychology. It is surely true that the more knowledge of life we have, the more we know God. It is extremely likely that we can learn more about God from the discoveries of science as we can from the writings of philosophers, but the one place, the one irrevocable and indisputable place where all knowledge is contained is our own personal laboratory, carried around with us every minute of every day, is our own consciousness. Here in the recesses of our awareness we can meet God, expand the limits of our being, acquire knowledge, personal peace and increased power.

 I am going to end this article with a remarkable popular story that made waves in the internet some while back, there was a man, a sincere seeker after truth who became so repelled by the workaday world and its apparent injustices that he retired to a remote region of the country and undertook the life of a hermit. ‘’I am going to get back to nature and away from people’’, he said, and in this way he hoped to find the God he had searched for so long and whose existence never had been revealed to him. He took only the crudest implements necessary for living and disappeared into the western wilderness. Eight months later, a forest ranger chanced upon his camp. Our friend was seriously ill, his once robust body had wasted away, and he was in a state of delirium. The ranger called for assistance and the sick man was taken to a hospital. For many days he lay near the edge of death, then he took a turn for the better, at last he opened his eyes. The doctor was bending over him at the time, watching him with care, a shout of joy gathered in the sick man’s throat, he rose up in bed, reached out his hand, the doctor took them, the sick man wept, a smile of gratitude on his face. Later, when he finally was able to speak of his experience, he said, ‘’for eight months I had been alone in the forest, and all that time I did not hear another human voice or look into eyes that mirrored human understanding. Always I searched for God, in the trees, the streams, the birds, the animals. I tried very hard but the harder I tried the higher the wall seemed to grow between me and That. Then I fell ill, and eventually I lost consciousness.

 ‘’when I awakened in the hospital, I found at once what I had searched for so long, I looked into the doctor’s eyes, and there I saw God. I cannot tell you how I recognized him, all I know is that I was possessed by such a feeling of warmth and lovingness as I have never known. I reached out my hand, my hand was taken, now I see God in everyone I meet, now I know God in myself.

   It was a tremendous revelation for this man, he had been so blocked from love that he had been blinded, but in his weakened state, in his need, help was giving to him, he loved and when he loved he saw God. This bares my best definition of who God is, he is one, infinite and eternal, he is all wisdom, all knowledge, all power and above all, GOD IS LOVE.








Why is the newly wedded man called groom and the woman called bride? 

A friend of mine got tired of his wife just about six months after wedding. He complained bitterly to me about her and told me that he has concluded to break up with her; he went on to say that he was sure that he made a mistake. 

I did not respond immediately because I knew I must tell him that right thing, so I went home. And that is what birth this message. 

Many men have broken up with their wives because they end up not being the wife that they have dreamt of. But they have forgotten that on their wedding day was when the man was commissioned for the new task.

Nobody calls the woman wife on her wedding day but bride, because it is the man that will groom his bride to become the wife.

That is why the man is called ‘bridegroom or groom’ and the word grooming has to do with patiently nurturing, teaching, tending and helping someone to become what he or she should be. 

It is therefore believed that a man that takes a woman to the altar of marriage is matured enough to patiently groom his bride to become the wife. The man is not supposed to just expect the bride to automatically become the wife, she must be groomed. 

It is clear that many of us men have unnecessary expectations when we were getting married, we want some magic to happen to our wives, we want them to become what we have had in mind about who we want our wives to be; not considering the fact that the woman does not know what is on your mind except you teach her.

Our expectations are often too unrealistic, because we don’t remember that change takes time and we can only expect something from someone that knows what we want. 

So before you think of breaking up, have you groomed her? Have you given her time to understand you? Hope you realize that a turtle will never become a hawk? God often brings people that are opposites of each other together in marriage so that they can help each other in their place of weaknesses. 
If your wife is weak where you are weak, then where will you get the strength that is needed? The problem with many of us is that we don’t accept people before attempting to change them. Of course, our wives are not from our backgrounds, so it will take time for them to adjust. 

Stop trying to change her, accept her, love her, teach her and be patient with her; that is what grooming is all about. She is going to be your wife but she is your bride now, so groom her. Stop complaining about her, she may be a turtle and you a hawk, she cannot fly so be patient with her. 

I don’t believe that your marriage can’t work, be patient and allow God to help you.
~ Eunice Eche Felix

Jesus saves Bro 

Jesus saves is a poem that illustrates the dept of our DARKNESS and the POWER OF light, in him that has giving us worthyness in living. Jesus saves makes us understand the level at which the end is nigh* but embellishes all doubt of our survival, our life is sure “if” and only “if” we abide by him who loves us genuinely!

Over the realm of Darkness he sufficed 

Above countless principalities and demons that breathe the fires of hell and Overcoming the minions that abhors the night,

the reckless spirited energy which breathes fear and grounds evil,

Words of mouth reigns supreme over words of silence 

But one who triumph over both “action”!!

“Fear not for I am with you”

Distinguished between powers,

Exulted among gods,

Worshipped above lords,

Within thy bossoms “life” withing thy  embowelment “death” 

Conceived in the heart of the night, the thickest of evils and the strays of demons, 

sin cast’s its elastic wings of dissit and tempt on the embodiments of Earth

Children, the quakes are here, the gates are open, and the demons that feed the fires of hell are let loose,

“The feast have begun” 

Pick a side now all yea that worketh inequity 

For the end is at thy wrist approaching, 

Cast out all illicit works, for no sin is another greater than, 

Jesus is reaching out right now!

The one whose name is as a strong tower,

he is and will always be the way through!!! 

Earth Angels

Searching through the page “POWER OF POSITIVITY” I got glued to some amazing writups on “Earth Angels” and found the answers I’ve been looking for, stay reading, you might find this quite reveling and interesting.

   I have found myself surrounded by different kinds of people but some just seem too outstanding, outstanding in this context talks about how nice, caring, selfless and utterly unrestricting to the extent they can go for somebody else. I mean, I know anybody could be these things but for these people its seems as though that’s the sole purpose they’re here on earth, ive got about two friends like that and I’ve been searching for explanations as to why they’re that way. Some of you probably thinking “oh common anybody could be nice and caring and selfless” yes I totally agree, fact, I’m nice too but there is an extent to which it gets, take for example, you help a stranded person out of they situation, and you do it again, and again and again, the more you do it the less you get appreciated, it becomes a frequent occurrence, then you begin to feel like you’re being taking for granted, then you start to retrench because you don’t want nobody to take your niceness for stupidity right? That’s right! Its human nature to act that way. However, some people are on another level entirely, they don’t care what you do to them, they’ll keep helping and serving. I got glued to some amazing writups on “Power of Positivity” and found the answers I’ve been looking for, stay reading, you might find this quite reveling and interesting.

​   You might know these types of people by a couple different names – either “lightworkers”, “Earth Angels”, or something similar. Maybe you even feel like one of these special people yourself. Lightworkers literally have come here to spread and share their light as much as possible, and bring about positive change to this planet. They have no patience for hate, intolerance, violence, or oppression; these types just want everyone to live in harmony and move on from our current problems on Earth.
Lightworkers don’t resonate with much in the modern world; often, they feel like old souls who have come here once again to restore and renew the planet. They relate to the way the world worked when we lived off the land, in harmony with each other, the animals, and nature. While they know that we probably won’t ever go back to that way of living, earth angels simply want us to live in peace with our world now. They want abundance, laughter, happiness, and joy for all, and are some of the most selfless people you will ever meet.
Earth angels want to align with pure, loving energy, and by doing so, help others to find their highest self in this lifetime. They want to transcend the problems and heartache, and live in true harmony with the Divine. They have good intentions for themselves and the planet, but often get frustrated with our current state of affairs.
If you feel like you might be an earth angel, but aren’t sure, read on to bring more clarity into your role on this planet.

    The amazing thing now however is that you might actually be an earth angel or have an Earth Angel friend and not even know it, not to worry, beneath are  six signs, attributes and lifestyle of an earth angel.


   Earth angels have obviously come here for a grand purpose, but saving the planet comes at a hefty cost. Sometimes, the Earth angel will feel overwhelmed by all the problems in the world, and feel as though they can’t ever come close to making a difference. The Earth angel can get quite frustrated and tired of things on this Earth, and feel desperate for change. They don’t enjoy being around big crowds and loud people, as the conflicting energy can make them frazzled and anxious.
Earth angels also have high sensitivity to violence, hatred, and basically anything portrayed as negative by the media and news outlets. They tend to hide away in the comfort of their rooms much of the time, as a way to protect themselves from the hectic, overstimulating outside world.
If this sounds like you, then you might just be an Earth angel.


Yes, everybody loves some alone time but the lightworker, or Earth angel, loves spending time in solitude to recharge and rebalance their energies. Like i said in the first paragraph – these types of people get overwhelmed frequently by the world today, and use their time alone to heal and prepare themselves for the next encounter with the outside world. They enjoy really digging deep into their psyche and healing parts of themselves that have been broken. Earth angels know that in order to change the world, they must change themselves, and work tirelessly to become the best version of themselves.


  Do you feel genuinely empathetic towards others, and want to help them through their problems? If so, you could be an Earth angel. These people would drop everything to help someone in need, as they have suffered themselves and don’t want to see anyone else hurting. Lightworkers feel deeply connected to their fellow humans, and just want to provide solace to anyone who needs it. Earth angels understand how difficult and scary the world can seem at times, as we live in uncertainty almost constantly. Who knows what tomorrow may bring, but lightworkers know that they can make positive change today.
They live in the now, and want to make as much positive change for others as possible. Earth angels can relate to other people’s struggles, as they have likely been there before.


 You don’t relate to worldly desires and the structured path. You don’t like the programmed, conditioned society we live in, and have never felt compelled to follow in other people’s footsteps. You want to make your own mark and live by your own rules, and don’t like people telling you what to do. You feel called to do something more than what people consider “normal,” and couldn’t dream of living life being unfulfilled. Earth angels may feel a strong pull to do something in the field of humanitarianism, such as being a social worker, counselor, pastors, acupuncturist, or massage therapist. They see themselves as healers, and want jobs in fields where they can live out their passions.
You may even want to start your own business so you can free yourself of the structure and routine that comes along with having a normal job.


  You probably don’t live life through the lens of logic, instead choosing to make decisions based on your emotions and intuition. Earth angels feel more deeply than others, and don’t really resonate with our extremely right-brained way of living in today’s society. You connect with things that appeal to emotions, such as art, music, sharing stories, and connecting with others in a meaningful way. You allow your intuition to guide you in life, helping you to figure out each new step you take.

  Earth angels trust that inner voice telling them what to do, as they know that the messages they receive have come from the Divine. They trust the universe to bring positive things and people into their lives, and know that intuition is the medium by which it speaks to them. They call on their spirit guides and angels for frequent assistance, and probably follow some sort of spiritual practice.


Most lightworkers and Earth angels can’t understand the world today. Why do we spend so much time working jobs we hate to afford things we don’t need? Why do jobs exist in the first place? Why do we continue to pollute our home and treat it like garbage, when it’s the only place we have to live? Why do we consume so much and give so little? Why do we have wars and racism? Why haven’t we evolved into a more civilized society? These questions run through the minds of lightworkers and Earth angels everywhere, and in turn, they reject modern society based on the answers they receive. Many people call them hippies, but they just see caring for the planet and each other as normal, necessary parts of life.
Earth angels have realized that we cannot continue to live in a state of separation and isolation from one another; we absolutely need each other to survive. Earth angels just hope that we as a collective can come together and rejoice in the ultimate truth – that of our right to love, happiness, freedom, and abundance. We have enough on this Earth for everyone to live happily and fully, but our own consciousness inhibits us from living this truth. Earth angels focus on spreading ancient wisdom in hopes of waking up people to our connectedness.

 That’s the much I have about that, but I genuinely want to say that, I didn’t put up this post to create some level of seperatedness or isolation of the good and the ugly, instead its a callout to let you know who you truly are and or what you can become, we all can be Earth Angels, its really all about spreading Gods love, which is the utmost reason we are here on earth, it’ll cost us less to heal the world than to replace it, the idea behind every goodwill is Love devoid of pride, egocentrism, self acclaimed worth, hate, bigotry, arrogance, insolence and hubris. 

   The bible informs us that we were made in the image of God, that sort of connotes that we’re Gods in ourselves as well, its time we act like it! We all can be Earth Angels!! 

Eternal life 

We are living in a completely brainwashed generation, we have been fooled to believing that life is all about the material wealth you possess, we have been deceived by what we see on television, the lives of the celebrities are all we want to emulate instead of the spiritual life of Jesus Christ our savior. 

      Life on earth is a temporal assignment, we all are familiar with the affix that “nothing lasts forever”. The bible is full of metaphors that teach about the brief, temporal and transient nature of life on earth. Life is described as a mist, a fast runner, a breath, and a wisp of smoke. The bible says, “For we were born but yesterday…..our days on earth are as transient as a shadow”

   To make the best use of your life, you must never forget two truths: first, compared with eternity, life is extremely brief. Second, earth is only a temporary residence. You and I won’t be here too long, so don’t get too attached to material possessions because you met them here and you’ll surely leave them here. You see, what actually matters is the legacy you leave behind, the number of lives you touched on earth, that my friend is the only thing that transcends ages. In the bible, David prayed “lord, help me to realize how brief my life on earth will be. Help me to know that I’m here for but a moment more”.

   I find it really interesting how the bible already told us everything about ourselves before we were even conceived, severally it compares life on earth to temporally living in a foreign country this is not your permanent home or final destination. We’re just passing through, just visiting earth.

    In Abuja, where I live, many people have moved from other parts of the world to work here, but they keep their citizenship with their home country. They are required to carry a visitor registration card called a “green card” which allows them to work here even though they’re not citizens. We as Christians should carry spiritual green cards to remind us that our citizenship is in heaven. 

   Earlier I talked about ‘legacy”, legacy in this context talks about the milestones you’ve clinched, the history you’ll leave behind, what you will be remembered for, a lasting legacy is one that will continue to impact lives even when you’re not alive. Nelson Mandela of South Africa left an everlasting legacy in his country and the world at large for emancipating his people and standing up to the oppressors. Martin Luther king of the United States also impacted lives a great deal and it became a legacy that will forever affect the lives of blacks worldwide, he notably stood up against black oppression, slavery and racism.

    It is fair to say that the best way to live a lasting legacy is to live a life of service to humanity, standing up for the oppressed and going the extra mile for others even if there is no apparent reward because the real reward is in eternity. Your identity is in eternity, and your homeland is heaven. When you grasp this truth you will stop worrying about “having it all, material possessions on earth” God is very blunt about the dangers of living for the “here and now” and adopting the values, priorities and lifestyles of the world, God calls it spiritual adultery. The bible says, “You are disapproving of God if all you want is your own way and the things of the world, flirting with the world every chance you get, you end up enemies of God and his ways.

    Imagine your parents sold all their belongings and struggled so hard to send you to school with the intention that you will do so well and make the family proud but instead, you get influenced negatively by involving with the wrong people, you mix with them so well that you become as they are, you start engaging in fowl activities and end up getting expelled or worse getting in jail, all your parents worked for becomes a waste, all their efforts would be in vain and above all, you would bring an everlasting  seal of disgrace on the family name, you’d be no different from a traitor, you lost focus and conformed to the ways of the world.

     The bible says, “We are Christ’s ambassadors” but sadly, many of us have betrayed our king and his kingdom, they have ignorantly concluded that because they live on earth, it’s their home, well hey, it’s not!! The bible was very clear about that “friends, this world is not your home, so don’t make yourselves cozy in it and don’t indulge your ego at the expense of your soul. Those in frequent contact with the things of the world should make good use of them without becoming attached to them, for this world and all it contains will pass away.

   We are living in a completely brainwashed generation, we have been fooled to believing that life is all about the material wealth you possess, we have been deceived by what we see on television, the lives of the celebrities are all we want to emulate instead of the spiritual life of Jesus Christ our savior. With all the fascinating attractions mesmerizing media and enjoyable experiences available today, it’s easy to forget that the pursuit of happiness is not what life is about. Only as we remember that life is a test, a trust, and a temporary assignment, we are preparing for something even better. The bible goes on to say “the things we see now are here today, gone tomorrow, but the things we can’t see now will last forever”. 

   The fact that earth is not our ultimate home explains why, as followers of Jesus, we experience difficulty, sorrow and rejection in this world just as he did. It also explains why some of Gods promises seem unfulfilled, some prayers seem unanswered and some circumstances seem unfair. Well I’m here to tell you this is not the end of the story, in order to keep us from becoming too attached to earth, God allows us to feel a significant amount of discontent and dissatisfaction in life-longings that will never be fulfilled on this side of life. Earth is not our final home, we’re just passing by, we are created for something much better.

   Fishes are not happy living in a fish tank, they feels trapped and restricted, give them a chance at open waters and poof! They gone. A bird can never be comfortable living in a cage, they’re created to fly, birds can’t fly in a cage, and that’s why they escape the slightest chance they get.

    You should never feel completely satisfied on earth because you were made for more. You will have happy moments here, but nothing compares to what God has planned for you. I couldn’t agree any less with what C.S Lewis said, “All that is not eternal is eternally useless”. The bible says, “We fix our eyes not on what is seen but what is unseen, for what is seen is temporary but what is unseen is eternal.

   It is fatal to think Gods goal for you is material prosperity or popular success, as the world defines it, the abundant life has nothing to do with material abundance, and faithfulness to God does not guarantee success in career or even ministry. Never focus on temporary crowns.

    Paul was faithful, yet he ended up in prison, john was faithful, yet he was beheaded. It almost seem as though the fate of the righteous ones are always fatal but I stand to tell you dear friend that this only goes to say that here is not your home and you have something better waiting for you in eternity. The bible even told us to rejoice in times of tribulations. People are quick to ask why bad things happen to good people, well look at the life of Jesus, all he did was help and heal people and yet he was crucified but now he’s the king of the world. 

     You see, the end of life on earth is not the end of life, in Gods eyes the greatest heroes of faith are not those who achieve prosperity, success or power in this life but those who treat this life as a temporary assignment and serve faithfully, expecting their promised reward in eternity. Your time on earth is not the complete story of your life. You must wait until heaven for the rest of the chapters, and before heaven comes judgment.  You will not be dead two seconds before you begin to question yourself “why did I place so much importance on things that were so temporal, what was I thinking, why did I waste so much time, energy and concern on what wasn’t going to last”.

     When life gets tough, when you’re overwhelmed by doubt or when you wonder if living for Christ is worth it, just remember you’re not home yet. At death you won’t leave home, you’ll go home!! So live life not for yourself alone but for others, pass the test of life and make it to heaven where was meant for you and gather memories that will go with you anywhere.

African pop culture (the African child)

The itty-bitty of the average African child, the struggle is surreal but the will is outlasting.

  This is a recital because it tells you what we are, it is a recital because it expanciates but concentrates on its core and values. The African pride, the African heritage, the African culture, the African wildlife and the African child. 

   I have so much to say about the average African child but so little to preach about the African government, the African child outplays every other because through every difficulty HE Stands tall and search a way to fix a smile on his face, unaffected by the underdevelopment and discomfort faced by Africa, they rise every sunset and work their way through till sundown with nothing but hope for the coming day. I admire the will of the African child, desperately looking for a means to survive, I can’t help but admire the will of the African child, Breaking barriers, overstepping obstacles, confronting dangers, withstanding pain, conquering hardship, facing fears, eliminating doubt and outlasting defeat, I can’t help but admire the will of the African child. 


 In some parts of the continent the average African child becomes a man at the age of 13! they hunt, they farm, they fish, then they feed. I have so much faith in the African child, the future of Africa finds comfort in their hands, before the rain comes the storm and this storm is just about rapping up in Africa.

  I can’t overemphasize the fact that there is no difference between us all really, we’re just two sides of the same coin, let’s not allow skin color distinguish us, let’s not allow religion divide us, let’s not allow borders separate us, let’s not allow political views split us and most importantly, we must never allow our material possessions define us. So instead of talking about making a particular place great again and hating Muslims meanwhile also creating harvoc among citizens and non citizens, why not make the whole earth great again. 

   There is no limitation to what we can achieve if we put aside our differences and work together as a unit towards a common goal.

   I have gotten remarkable feedbacks from awesome bloggers around the world, a very notable one is “let it be beautiful” please endeavor to check out the blog, she also came up with an amazing powerpoint-poem for Africa, amazing!

     There is still space for more people to join in the the hype and contribute in any little way possible, Africa is home to all. thank you for reading this episode of African pop culture(APC), stay tuned as many more ep’s are on the way. Xo 

Merry Christmas 

Merry Christmas from my Bitmoji and I to my amazing wordpress family 😅😂❤❤

Merry Christmas my beloved WordPress family, this might come as a shocker but over my short period here I’ve really come to know a lot of awesome people, the love here is surreal. It’s kind of funny you see, how somebody you’ve never met and might never meet can give you so much encouragement and support, that’s what happens here for me, you all make me not to hold back and I appreciate that so much. I wish I could give everyone here a hug but I can’t so I’m sending you love, peace and goodwill, I love you guys so much. Also, on the 31st of this month my blog will be two months old (yaayy) and it feels as though I’ve been here for decades, y’all so darn nice! I appreciate the likes you give me and the positive comments you send, thank you all for being here, we officially family now! Whether you like it or not 😂😁😂. Merry Christmas again and have a very prosperous New year. PS thank you for 600follows❤❤❤

The interview! With Samuel Bruni 

This is an inspirational article from my interview with Samuel Bruni!

Hello everybody, Recently I started this thing where I interview and feature groups, individuals and entrepreneurs with motivational stories and intriguing ideas on my blog, I try to share their background and history with hopes that you might pick up a thing or two from their experiences. This time I focused on Samuel Bruni. Sam is a clear definition of a fighter, he is a cancer survivor, and at some point in his life he was faced with a severe back injury that warranted his disc removal and his spine re-fused all in the same year, to crown it all, he lost his memory. Rather too much agony for one man huh? Here’s a little insight on how he tackled his situation and resurfaced the successful entrepreneur and urbane leader that he is today. For easy distinction, my words/questions are written in bold and his italics .


Sam Bruni, Husband and father of 5 kids. I had my first kid when I was 22, so I had to grow up quick and figure out how to provide for my family. I was always entrepreneurial my wholeI life, but once I had a baby coming I needed benefits and a steady pay check. I took on a daytime job working in call centers, doing sales and service jobs. I found out very quickly that I was a natural leader and was excelling quicker at my day time job than any of my startup ideas, I spent the next several years building businesses and teams for fortune 500 companies such as AT&T, Sprint, Dish Network, Direct TV, Bank of New York, Pennsylvania Power & Light etc. I became very employee-centric from those early years in my career which spanned almost 13 years. In the end, by the time I was 30, I estimate that I probably interviewed and hired almost 3,000 people.  

    The second half of my career, I became much more customer-centric moving away from operations and focusing more on marketing, and what we call the “customer experience” which is the front-end interactions customers have with an application. That change happened in 2008 when a friend of mine told me to read “the Innovators Dilemma”. He happened to be friends with Clay Christensen the author of the book. He challenged me to build a business following the principles in Clay’s book. I broke off a part of the startup I was building (, and built a business within a business that we grew to almost 100 million in revenue over the course of five years. Since 2008, I’ve been a GM, CMO, CEO and have done countless startups throughout my career.    

   This was the most anticipated part of the interview for me, Remember I told you earlier that Samuel was a cancer patient? Turns out that wasn’t his only setback at the time, here’s what actually happened and how it dealt him.

   It wasn’t just the cancer I got in 2014, it was everything. I had actually broken my back and needed to get my discs removed, and my spine fused in January of 2014. At the time, I was the CEO of a very fast growing business (40% growth YOY), that the board had asked me to take to market for an acquisition. Then in August I was diagnosed with cancer. It was just a lot to deal with in one year. The surgery wasn’t bad, but the chemo afterwards was, it wrecked me, I had very little energy and I lost my memory. My memory hasn’t come back all the way, but it has improved. It really wasn’t until this year (2016) that I started to noticeably feel better physically and mentally.  


  After downing all that, you bet my follow up question was “how did you survive all that” and remained focused? Because personally I still find myself pushing a door that clearly says pull, and never want to show my face in public again because of the embarrassment. So what was your turning point, I mean where did you find the right attitude to tackle your severe situation?

    I have a strong support system at home, and I’m by nature a very optimistic and upbeat person. It was never an option to let my five kids see that I had any doubts. I maintained a positive attitude the whole time. I had my family, and 55 employees counting on me.


 Just to be clear, Being an “upbeat” person means to never give up or stay down no matter what the world throws at you, it means to keep on striving and going hard, a popular quote is “fall down seven times and get up eight”. Another aspect that should not be eluded or taking for granted is your family, you might not have five kids like Mr. Sam or 55 employees, but you have family, it could be your close friends or anybody that motivates you to keep going and never back down, it could be your gardener or janitor, that’s how God works you see, in mysterious ways. Most importantly, you must have the right attitude, I guarantee you, you could have all the motivation in the world but ultimately how positive your attitude is’ is what determines everything, you might be face to face with hell right now but I guarantee you it’s just a phase, it’ll pass, just stay positive and you will triumph.

   what captivated me about Mr. Sam was his motivational spirit, he is one of those people that can pep talk a d-league basketball team to win an NBA championship, so, I asked for a brief motivational talk for people like us, having difficulties right now, trying to find our way in the world, putting in effort to make a change but going unnoticed, falling face flat every time you give it your all but it don’t work out and you consider giving up, maybe you should take a pause and listen to this first!

     I’ve had obstacles in my life since the day I was born, literally. I was born almost two months premature, my Dad had severe cancer when I was a teenager, my Mom struggled with depression off and on most time of my life, I was diagnosed with ADHD in the 80’s (before it was popular), and Dyslexia later in my life. Like many, the many people who might read this, I can go on and on about the obstacles. The most important thing to remember is, somebody else has it worse off than you. So every time you make excuses about your circumstances or your lack of success and want to give yourself a pity party, you are just wasting your own time. Stay mentally strong, surround yourself with a strong support network (this might mean eliminating friends and family), and put the time in. If you think you can blame others for your lack of success, then you need to start there, and realize you can only blame yourself.  

   Everybody probably thinking “easier said than done” I know, I think that too. I hear a lot of people talk about how you should quit complaining and start working, how you should go out and get working like there’s a job outside waiting for you to grab it, How you should start small and utilize the little you have meanwhile you know you don’t even have as little as a mustard seed. And the most popular quote all over the internet is “if you fail, try, try, try again” but I always think to myself, “I’m not a robot”, I’m human, I get tired and downcast whenever I fail, I end up just wanting to give up anytime I fail to succeed at something, How do you go about that??

    I don’t actually believe most people are failing. I think most people have set backs or probably things didn’t go the way they had planned. Failure to me is when you lose everything and you are literally without e.g. money, job, home etc. And perhaps never recover, that to me is a failure.  By that definition, I have not failed in my life. I think people are too hard on themselves, and should stop using the word “failure” sadly it has become a popular cool thing to say online. You have to be willing to make mistakes, risk losing time and money to get something to work. However, all the things that didn’t work don’t make you a failure, it is just part of the refining process. Here’s some of what I’ve learned mentoring and consulting people. This is just the tip of the iceberg, but I hope it resonates.
I find a lot of people start off conversations with this idea that they want to do something great for life and humanity, but by the end of the call, I know they really just want to make money. If you are one of these people, you need to come to terms with it. You’re lying to yourself, and wasting time trying to be and do something that isn’t real. If you want to do something for humanity, there are lots of ways to do that without bringing it into your day to day work life and goals. Just say you want to make money, you can be charitable in other ways.

 You have to teach yourself. Technology is moving so quickly, you don’t learn it in school, you have to teach yourself to stay relevant. I did not wake up an expert in e-commerce or digital marketing. I teach myself constantly. Example, anyone who has done Facebook advertising since the beginning, has had to go through some crazy times as they tried to figure out their ad platform. They changed it several times, and each time we had to re-teach ourselves how to use it. What was one day was not the next. So people ask me how I learned to do marketing, and it was through hard work and constantly learning. 

 I believe almost everyone who wants to be an entrepreneur in this day and age, needs to learn how to do marketing. You can start by marketing yourself.

Don’t over invest in ideas. Get your ideas out their quickly, push them out to friends and family, go to a mall and talk to people or whatever you need to do, and get the necessary feedback to iterate on your ideas.  

 Don’t guard your ideas. This was something I learned early on, you think you have this amazing idea that you need to guard, and so you don’t share it. Ultimately it goes nowhere and you watch somebody else do it. 

Surround yourself with people who like your idea and build it together. It is hard to do it alone and move quickly or have the money to succeed.  

If you’re doing something in tech, don’t over invest. I use wordpress for almost all my proofs of concept nowadays. There is not much you can’t do on that platform for testing, and for the most part you can teach yourself how to do it if you are not super tech savvy.

Find a mentor. I think this is crucial. I’ve had the luck of getting to work with some great people in my career, many of which I learned from by watching them, not by asking them lots of questions. You can find mentors all over, some of which will communicate back to you.  

There is so much BS online about how to build a business, market a business, launch a website etc. These guys make their money by selling you their products. Don’t buy them.  There are no shortcuts to success, you have to put the time in to learn. If you’re not willing to do that, then you will fail no matter whose program you take. Buy a book, read a blog, but don’t pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to people that will bring you no real value.

Now I will contradict the above. Sometimes people succeed when they invest in overpriced programs because they put money on the line. Their wife is watching, family, brother, sister etc. to see what they do with that program and so they bust their ass not to fail. If this is what you need to succeed, then by all means do it. Publicize your purchase, and put your ass on the line. I would say though, you’re better off taking that money and marketing your concept or paying for real help you need.

    You’ve heard it all, preferably you’ve seen it all, it is very necessary that we don’t look down on ourselves or believe that our situation is unique or worse off than others, always remember “there are people who have it worse than you do” and they are still achieving, I love to make reference to Nick Vujicic the author of “Life Without Limits” who was born with no limbs, yes! Absolutely no limbs but he’s now living an exemplified life, spreading positivity round the world. I think it’s high time we start to see our disadvantages as our advantage, see it as the necessary lesson or course you have to take to prepare you mentally and physically for the mission God has set ahead of you. Most of us if faced with setbacks of this sort will probably spend the whole day on bed, accept defeat and say I just can’t do it, maybe it’s not for me, I’ll try tomorrow, get rid of procrastination, never accept defeat and as Sam said and “have an unbeat attitude”. 

   Thank you so much for reading this episode of the interview! feel free to drop your comments, suggestions, ideas and or inquiries, and don’t forget to subscribe to get frequent updates and email notifications on new posts and promotional offers. Thank you again, Now go excel!:D