Let God into you!!

We were made to do great exploits, we were created to be creators, we were born with Christ Jesus


  George Santayana wrote, let a man once overcome his selfish terror at his own finitude, and his finitude is, in one sense, overcome.” And when we identify ourselves with God by living, acting, and thinking in him, we leave all fear and selfishness; our natures sour until they touch the skies. 

  He is content to be what he is, and he shows the same face to all. He seeks to improve himself, but not on the grounds of becoming better than or as good as somebody else but only to fulfill his own nature. He does everything easily, as if he had an especial talent for it, but the reason for his easiness is because he knows that another, greater part of himself is always the doer. He seldom sad, never fearful, always stands foursquare to every problem. How else could he be? His assurance is deep and spiritual. He knows that God dwells in the depths of all beings, and he therefore is equal to every occasion.

 Believe in God today because he is in you.