Earth Angels

Searching through the page “POWER OF POSITIVITY” I got glued to some amazing writups on “Earth Angels” and found the answers I’ve been looking for, stay reading, you might find this quite reveling and interesting.


   I have found myself surrounded by different kinds of people but some just seem too outstanding, outstanding in this context talks about how nice, caring, selfless and utterly unrestricting to the extent they can go for somebody else. I mean, I know anybody could be these things but for these people its seems as though that’s the sole purpose they’re here on earth, ive got about two friends like that and I’ve been searching for explanations as to why they’re that way. Some of you probably thinking “oh common anybody could be nice and caring and selfless” yes I totally agree, fact, I’m nice too but there is an extent to which it gets, take for example, you help a stranded person out of they situation, and you do it again, and again and again, the more you do it the less you get appreciated, it becomes a frequent occurrence, then you begin to feel like you’re being taking for granted, then you start to retrench because you don’t want nobody to take your niceness for stupidity right? That’s right! Its human nature to act that way. However, some people are on another level entirely, they don’t care what you do to them, they’ll keep helping and serving. I got glued to some amazing writups on “Power of Positivity” and found the answers I’ve been looking for, stay reading, you might find this quite reveling and interesting.

​   You might know these types of people by a couple different names – either “lightworkers”, “Earth Angels”, or something similar. Maybe you even feel like one of these special people yourself. Lightworkers literally have come here to spread and share their light as much as possible, and bring about positive change to this planet. They have no patience for hate, intolerance, violence, or oppression; these types just want everyone to live in harmony and move on from our current problems on Earth.
Lightworkers don’t resonate with much in the modern world; often, they feel like old souls who have come here once again to restore and renew the planet. They relate to the way the world worked when we lived off the land, in harmony with each other, the animals, and nature. While they know that we probably won’t ever go back to that way of living, earth angels simply want us to live in peace with our world now. They want abundance, laughter, happiness, and joy for all, and are some of the most selfless people you will ever meet.
Earth angels want to align with pure, loving energy, and by doing so, help others to find their highest self in this lifetime. They want to transcend the problems and heartache, and live in true harmony with the Divine. They have good intentions for themselves and the planet, but often get frustrated with our current state of affairs.
If you feel like you might be an earth angel, but aren’t sure, read on to bring more clarity into your role on this planet.

    The amazing thing now however is that you might actually be an earth angel or have an Earth Angel friend and not even know it, not to worry, beneath are  six signs, attributes and lifestyle of an earth angel.


   Earth angels have obviously come here for a grand purpose, but saving the planet comes at a hefty cost. Sometimes, the Earth angel will feel overwhelmed by all the problems in the world, and feel as though they can’t ever come close to making a difference. The Earth angel can get quite frustrated and tired of things on this Earth, and feel desperate for change. They don’t enjoy being around big crowds and loud people, as the conflicting energy can make them frazzled and anxious.
Earth angels also have high sensitivity to violence, hatred, and basically anything portrayed as negative by the media and news outlets. They tend to hide away in the comfort of their rooms much of the time, as a way to protect themselves from the hectic, overstimulating outside world.
If this sounds like you, then you might just be an Earth angel.


Yes, everybody loves some alone time but the lightworker, or Earth angel, loves spending time in solitude to recharge and rebalance their energies. Like i said in the first paragraph – these types of people get overwhelmed frequently by the world today, and use their time alone to heal and prepare themselves for the next encounter with the outside world. They enjoy really digging deep into their psyche and healing parts of themselves that have been broken. Earth angels know that in order to change the world, they must change themselves, and work tirelessly to become the best version of themselves.


  Do you feel genuinely empathetic towards others, and want to help them through their problems? If so, you could be an Earth angel. These people would drop everything to help someone in need, as they have suffered themselves and don’t want to see anyone else hurting. Lightworkers feel deeply connected to their fellow humans, and just want to provide solace to anyone who needs it. Earth angels understand how difficult and scary the world can seem at times, as we live in uncertainty almost constantly. Who knows what tomorrow may bring, but lightworkers know that they can make positive change today.
They live in the now, and want to make as much positive change for others as possible. Earth angels can relate to other people’s struggles, as they have likely been there before.


 You don’t relate to worldly desires and the structured path. You don’t like the programmed, conditioned society we live in, and have never felt compelled to follow in other people’s footsteps. You want to make your own mark and live by your own rules, and don’t like people telling you what to do. You feel called to do something more than what people consider “normal,” and couldn’t dream of living life being unfulfilled. Earth angels may feel a strong pull to do something in the field of humanitarianism, such as being a social worker, counselor, pastors, acupuncturist, or massage therapist. They see themselves as healers, and want jobs in fields where they can live out their passions.
You may even want to start your own business so you can free yourself of the structure and routine that comes along with having a normal job.


  You probably don’t live life through the lens of logic, instead choosing to make decisions based on your emotions and intuition. Earth angels feel more deeply than others, and don’t really resonate with our extremely right-brained way of living in today’s society. You connect with things that appeal to emotions, such as art, music, sharing stories, and connecting with others in a meaningful way. You allow your intuition to guide you in life, helping you to figure out each new step you take.

  Earth angels trust that inner voice telling them what to do, as they know that the messages they receive have come from the Divine. They trust the universe to bring positive things and people into their lives, and know that intuition is the medium by which it speaks to them. They call on their spirit guides and angels for frequent assistance, and probably follow some sort of spiritual practice.


Most lightworkers and Earth angels can’t understand the world today. Why do we spend so much time working jobs we hate to afford things we don’t need? Why do jobs exist in the first place? Why do we continue to pollute our home and treat it like garbage, when it’s the only place we have to live? Why do we consume so much and give so little? Why do we have wars and racism? Why haven’t we evolved into a more civilized society? These questions run through the minds of lightworkers and Earth angels everywhere, and in turn, they reject modern society based on the answers they receive. Many people call them hippies, but they just see caring for the planet and each other as normal, necessary parts of life.
Earth angels have realized that we cannot continue to live in a state of separation and isolation from one another; we absolutely need each other to survive. Earth angels just hope that we as a collective can come together and rejoice in the ultimate truth – that of our right to love, happiness, freedom, and abundance. We have enough on this Earth for everyone to live happily and fully, but our own consciousness inhibits us from living this truth. Earth angels focus on spreading ancient wisdom in hopes of waking up people to our connectedness.

 That’s the much I have about that, but I genuinely want to say that, I didn’t put up this post to create some level of seperatedness or isolation of the good and the ugly, instead its a callout to let you know who you truly are and or what you can become, we all can be Earth Angels, its really all about spreading Gods love, which is the utmost reason we are here on earth, it’ll cost us less to heal the world than to replace it, the idea behind every goodwill is Love devoid of pride, egocentrism, self acclaimed worth, hate, bigotry, arrogance, insolence and hubris. 

   The bible informs us that we were made in the image of God, that sort of connotes that we’re Gods in ourselves as well, its time we act like it! We all can be Earth Angels!! 

39 thoughts on “Earth Angels

    1. Its a unique trait you got there believe me, and its best you act on them, if you feel pushed and motivated towards helping others its because you were made different, nothing like most, you were created for a higher purpose, to serve and save humanity, kinda like what Jesus did during his time. Don’t ignore those qualities! Because you just might be who the world has been waiting for!!

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      1. Thanks, though I’m sure I’m not the hero the world needs. LOL I am trying to act more on my feelings. I have become politically aware and active and finally feel I am making a real contribution to life here in the US at least. My therapist tells me this activity if very good for me, and I feel most alive while working toward improving life in the US by teaching others the importance of political literacy.

        Thank you for this post. It actually helped me realize who I actually am, and reinforces my belief that what I am doing is (or will be) good for everyone.

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      2. You’re so welcome☺, It is always a pleasure to render service to others, especially if its for their greater good, that makes you a hero even if nobody tells you, and I’m sure the US is just your starting spot, soon you’ll be making contribution to life around the world, oh no don’t doubt because “belief” just like “faith” can move mountains 🙂

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      1. I thought I had replied to this, but apparently not . . . . I just wanted to say thanks so much to Mr. Thorn for the wonderful review. Wow — this made my whole month! I’m so glad you had such a blast with THE WICKED.And to Dehltsaatker and Mindy: Thanks to you as well! If you do decide to take a chance on my novel, I hope you enjoy it. Please drop by my site and let me know, one way or the other!Thanks again. I’ll be squeezing into the Horror Booth often. Great blog.J.N.


  1. This design is spectacular! You most certainly know how to keep a reader amused. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Excellent job. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!

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  2. Hello There. I found your blog using msn. This is an extremely well written article. I will be sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful info. Thanks for the post. I will certainly comeback.

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  3. Thank you, this is the best description I have read about Lightworkers. I am a lightworker and I understand the feeling of not fitting in or understanding the world in its current state. I have felt I have a here for a reason, but it has taken me a long time to figure out for what.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment my friend🙂, i understand Its difficult sometimes to find your path in this world, its even worse when you feel alone, like you don’t fit in so you isolate yourself from people……but soon as you realize who you are and what your purpose is, everything will start falling in its perfect position , so just keep being who you are, do what you love regardless who’s watching, love yourself earnestly and watch life unravel its mysteries to you 🙂🙂

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  4. Hi!
    Nice post! I’m making posts about scientific explanations behinde everyday appearance, so if you have time and will please go and check it out! If you like it please follow me, I follow you.
    Thank you! 😀

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  5. I for one doubt that there exists anhnyitg which could accurately be called emotional ini;lltgence&#8217e. There is nothing inherently intelligent in our ability to feel emotion. Our intelligence is in our ability to effectively record information to memory and apply logic to that information quickly and consistently. Saying that there is an element of intelligence in emotion makes no more sense than saying that a car’s tires have their own headlights. The only real difference is that because it’s so abstract, it takes some people longer to realize that it doesn’t make any sense.References :

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  6. Nice post, I do believe angels come in many forms. After my close relationship with my brother broke, I met a guy who made me laugh again. He was like an angel, a message from truth and love. Thing is: he was a smoker and cussed up a storm. Two things I’m not familiar with. But those human elements faded next to the angel care. Thanks

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    1. This is amazing experience my friend, you have been put in a rare position to impact the life of someone who has impacted yours greatly, grab it, however angels don’t seek to replace people in your life they intend to make bonds stronger and love thicker, reacquaint yourself with your brother and spread love around. God bless you friend 🙂💕


    1. Yes mY friend you are right, and that’s what makes it really remarkable…., you see if we knew where we’re supposed to go we wouldn’t rely on God to lead our path righteously because we feel we can handle ourselves, but not knowing makes us trust him more and believe more in the Goodwill plan he has stored for us all…. every single one of us are on that journey 🙂🙂

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      1. absolutely. Keep on doing what you do
        There are many reflections of ourselves in the people we meet, these I believe are synchronicities showing us we’re on the right path. Look forward to reading more!

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      2. Very well my friend, you are correct, and there’s a role God intends for us to play in the life of everyone we meet, nothing is a coincidence if I must add, everything is planed and going according to the will of God, you are blessed my friend 🙂🙂💕

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